(Davao City, 10 August 2023). With the issuance of the Guidelines for the Updating of the FY 2025 Annual Investment Program (AIP), the Regional Development Council (RDC XI) conducted the National Government Agency (NGA)-Local Government Unit (LGU) Consultative Workshop. The workshop provided a venue for LGUs to discuss their proposed programs, activities, and projects (PAPs) with implementing agencies to secure its inclusion into the agencies’ FY 2025 AIP. The said workshop was attended by over 170 participants representing various LGUs, NGAs, State Universities and Colleges (SUCs), Government Financial Institutions (GFIs), Special Development Authorities (SDAs) owned and controlled corporations (GOCCs) in Davao Region.

In her opening message, RDC XI Vice Chairperson and NEDA XI Regional Director Maria Lourdes D. Lim emphasized the workshop’s significance in establishing both vertical and horizontal linkages within the Region’s investment programming process. She also underscored that the workshop plays a crucial role in ensuring the judicious utilization of available resources by avoiding the duplication of projects and fostering collaboration among implementing agencies and LGUs within the Region.
During the workshop, participants were divided into four breakout sessions based on the following development sectors: infrastructure, social, economic, and development administration. Representatives from provincial and city LGUs were invited to present their proposed sectoral PAPs to the breakout groups. Subsequently, the agencies provided their responses as regards the inclusion of the LGU-proposed PAPs into their FY 2025 AIP.

The AIP is the annual slice of the Davao Regional Development Investment Program (RDIP), 2023-2028, which contains the priority PAPs that shall support the attainment of the development objectives and targets in the Davao Regional Development Plan (RDP), 2023-2028. It shall serve as input for the updating of the Public Investment Program (PIP) for the annual budget deliberation.