(Davao City) – The Social Development Committee (SDC) XI convened for its 1st Quarter Meeting for CY 2023 on 10 March 2023 at the NEDA-RDC XI Center, Davao City. This is the first meeting of the Committee under the new plan period, 2023-2028. Among the major items discussed was the Regional Education Development Plan (REDP), 2023-2028 prepared by the Department of Education (DepEd) XI, with the goal of ensuring that learners have the physical, cognitive, socio-emotional and moral preparation for engagement in post-secondary opportunities, in their local, national and global communities. The REDP, 2023-2028 is anchored on DepEd’s new “Matatag: Bansang Makabata, Batang Makabansa” agenda to resolve key issues in basic education. Phase one of DepEd XI’s interventions under the REDP, 2023-2028 and the “Matatag” Agenda are to provide response to the immediate impacts of the pandemic on learning, and address issues on the quality of basic education.

Included as well in the SDC XI’s discussion on education sub-sector concerns was CHED XI’s priority courses in SY 2023-2024 for Davao Region, in response to CHED Memorandum Order 10 s. 2021 on the subject of Priority Programs for CHED Scholarship Programs Effective AY 2021-2022, wherein the priority programs aim to steer qualified higher education student applicants for financial assistance under the CHED Scholarship programs to enroll in public or private HEIs/SUCs offering the identified priority courses. Since 2020, the Regional Development Council (RDC) XI has approved/endorsed the Region’s priority courses for higher education.

The SDC XI also discussed during the meeting important updates on the implementation of Executive Order 138, s. 2021 in Davao Region, particularly for agencies under the purview of the SDC XI. To date, only DOH and CPD have Devolution Transition Plans (DTPs) approved by the DBM. For the health sub-sector, DOH XI’s PAPs under the Health Facilities Enhancement Program, Epidemiology and Surveillance, Human Resources for Health Deployment, and Public Commodities for Health are devolved to the LGUs beginning 2022. For the social protection sub-sector, a total of nine regular programs shall be devolved, scaled-down, or phased-out from the DSWD to the LGUs by the end of 2024. These programs include the Supplementary Feeding Program, Assistance to Persons with Disabilities, Comprehensive Project for Street Children, Transition of Programs for Older Persons to NCSC, Assistance to Individuals in Crisis Situation, Recovery and Reintegration Program for Trafficked Persons, and the KALAHI-CIDSS Program.

Prof. Lyre Anni Murao, Chancellor of UP Mindanao, also presented to the SDC XI, for support, the UP Mindanao’s 2023-2025 Strategic Plan Framework. The said strategic plan framework envisions UP Mindanao to be a transformative university at the forefront of 21st century innovation in education, research, creative works, and public service by 2025. The SDC XI endorsed and expressed its support for the university’s strategic plan framework in view of the university’s commitment to pursue programs and engagements that can elevate its role as a partner for sustainable development in Davao Region and Mindanao.

Other matters discussed by the SDC XI were the Committee’s 2022 Accomplishment Report, 2023 Agenda Forecast, and the 2022 Progress Report of the Social Sector Results Matrices. – Laurence Gido, NEDA XI