Davao City, September 07, 2023 – The Development Administration Committee (DAC) XI convened for its 3rd quarter CY 2023 meeting on September 07, 2023 at the NEDA-RDC XI Bldg in Davao City, presided by Committee Chairperson and DILG XI Regional Director Alex C. Roldan.

The DAC XI was presented with the Davao Regional Development Report for 1st and 2nd quarters of CY 2023, on the performance of the Region based on the Results Matrices (RM) of the DRDP 2023-2028. Highlighting the achievements of the development administration sector, particularly in Chapter 12 – Promote Financial Inclusion and Improve Public Financial Management, Chapter 14.1- Ensure Peace and Security, Chapter 14.2 – Enhance Administration of Justice, and Chapter 15 – Practice Good Governance and Improve Bureaucratic Efficiency. For the period in review, 3 out of 10 entities (2 NGAs and 1 LGU) for Chapter 12, 6 out of the 7 entities (6 NGAs) for Sub-Chapter 14.1, 7 out of 7 entities (7 NGAs), and 7 out of 16 entities (3 NGAs and 4 LGUs) submitted their respective 1st and 2nd Quarter CY 2023 Progress Reports. These were 71 indicators that were updated out of the 111 target indicators identified in the sector, of these, 47 indicators have surpassed the target while 24 are below the target. Other agencies have annual monitoring of targets, therefore data with annual updates shall be reported during the first or second quarter of the succeeding year.

The Committee also validated the list of priority PAPs for FY 2025 Annual Investment Program for Davao Region for the development administration sector, endorsing to the RDC XI the approval of the projects amounting to PHP 5,001,426,198.00 to ensure alignment with the national priorities and the regional development objectives under the DRDP, 2023-2028. The highest allocation goes to Chapter 14.1 on Peace and Security, with PHP 3,203,672,868.00, followed by Chapter 14.2 on Enhanced Administration of Justice with PHP 1,240,885,330.00, and Chapter 15 on Good Governance and Chapter 12 on Promote Financial Inclusion and Improve Public Financial Management with PHP 304,630,000.00 and PHP 252,238,000.00, respectively.

Anna Rosalie G. Arsa, NEDA XI